we attended fourth day of Folklife Seattle - went to some dance classes:
persian, kathak, then listened to lots of music - Iranian, French, jazz,
contemporary folk.....and the sun came out in the afternoon! immediately
people were sunning, sweating, the throngs came out....
in the evening we had a small pre-wedding family gathering at Voltera, an
Italian restaurant in Ballard....excellent food and fun to see
everyone....crossing fingers re: weather for tomorrow, especially in the
We are up in Seattle, preparing for my nephew's wedding. Our
nephew's bride arrived from Russia a few months ago and is intently
studying English in an immersion program. Met today with the couple
at Ray's, on the water. Given the Seattle weather, they have a
covered area right on the water and an uncovered area right next to
it. Last year this same weekend was warm and sunny. It's a Seattle
Folklife Festival weekend. This feels more like real Seattle
weather. After settling some details with the coordinator we went
over to a coffee shop to chat. We did a mini-rehearsal in the open
area right where we were sitting - then a group arrived and set up
informal chairs for a meeting in the same spot. A versatile place!
More later!
Cheryl Juetten, Caleb Winter's wife, gave birth to 8 lb. Sylvia May
Winter this evening! A rough birth (C-Section) but mom and babe are
doing well.
We will visit them tomorrow morning in the hospital. Joanie Levine
We met with a young couple this evening who are marrying in June.
The fellow has decided to take his name as his middle name and to
take his bride's last name.
Very interesting! Anyone else know of a couple where the man has
taken his wife's last name rather than vice versa? Maybe these folks
are trendsetters!
To Russia with Love: Last night I spoke with my nephew and his
fiance, recently arrived from Russia. Swan Lake music for her
entrance, interesting tidbits about wedding rings in the U.S. and
Russia. Did you know that Russians wear their marriage bands on the
opposite hand? So, if you are traveling in Russia and want them to
know you are married, switch the hand your ring is on! Our style
indicates to them that a person is divorced or widowed! Just a quick
travel tip!
Your Personal Ceremony Update: Ana Villarqui, who is fluent in
Spanish, is joining our team as an associate wedding officiant! She
will be available for Spanish-language weddings as well as
translation of parts of a ceremony for bi-lingual weddings. Welcome,
Hi All: Now I am learning to ping by sending an e-mail to all my
social network sites! I am on the ping learning curve!
Two weddings this past week. One very small and sweet in Beaverton and the second a backyard "Shotgun" staged wedding in Vancouver, WA - the groom was coaxed on the deck by his buddies with a lasso and (empty) shotguns! Very fun, music and all. Best food was a traditional collard greens dish. And inquiries keep coming!
Hi all: I just got on ping.fm! So whatever I write here goes to all my social network websites at the same time! How groovy is this!!!! Hope you are having a lovely evening and hope you have a swell day tomorrow!