Sun, 1/23/11: Leaving for Costa Rica tonight at midnight! Wedding
interview today for Jewish/Interfaith wedding with lovely family plus
an inquiry for a bi-lingual officiant! Moving towards Valentine's
Day, probably more people will be booking. We will frequent computer
cafes on our journey!
Fri 1/14/11: First wedding for me of 2011: an elopement in our living
room of a lovely N. Portland couple, with their dog and 4 friends,
bubbles, corsage and all.
They were so very gracious and lovely. They will have a larger party
next month. I set up an altar in the living room - a new addition.
Perhaps this will attract more simple ceremonies to our living room!
Pictures to follow.
Wed, 1/12/11: Got a call today for a couple wishing to elope on
Friday. So they will come over Friday morning with four friends and
a small dog. Have to clean the living room - good excuse.
Wed. 1/12/11: Skype interviews are a bit weird, but so nice to
actually get to see the couple. The people who find us and think
that we are a match for them are just so special. There are just so
many incredible young people out there finding each other and
choosing to get married. This couple is talented, creative,
interested in ecology and environmental concerns, wanting a "green
Mon. 1/10/11: lovely couple from Scottsdale, Arizona have hired us
for their wedding in September 2011! Wed. have a Skype interview
with a couple in Corvallis getting married at Forestry Center in
Kings Valley. More leads popping up. So hopefully we will book a
few weddings before we take off for Costa Rica! And Ana's Hispanic
wedding this past weekend went well. So begins our 2011 wedding season!