Th, Aug26/10: 2 2011 wedding interviews today: people who are
planning ahead! one non-denominational, one
Lyndsey McKenzie's 25th birthday party in the park and Last Thursday
happening as well plus Judith Hankin, dear friend and artist
extraordinaire, visiting.
Wed, Aug 25, 2010: Sunday, Hood River Wedding, The Gorge White
House: As the bride read her personal vows to the groom, she welled
up with tears. He, as well, began crying. He turned his head
towards me, trying to hide his emotional display from their assembled
community. I asked them, "Which of you should I give the hankie to
first?" He responded, "Not to me. Then they will all know that I'm
crying. Military men don't cry!" As he read his own vows to his
bride, tears continued to well up for both of them.
Sun., Aug. 22/10: Sandtrap, McMennamin's wedding yesterday - the sun
came out, it was warm; all went beautifully. Long staircase
processional; their child joined them for pouring sands into a lovely
pattern - black, white and brown. Today I drive out to Hood River
for a wedding at The Gorge White House. Rehearsal at 3 p.m., wedding
at 6 p.m. Will pick up several flats of peaches between rehearsal
and wedding. Pray for good weather!
Sat. Aug. 21/10: "Rumors" at Coaster Theatre in Cannon Beach,
Oregon: pretty hilarious, silly couples comedy - older couples with
all their oddities in a spoof by Neil Simon. We chanced upon it.
Inexpensive and fun. Right next to it in the alleyway is a great
little restaurant, much more reasonable than most places in Cannon
Lazy Susan Cafe, 126 North Hemlock St. Yummy seafood salad with
scallops, little shrimps, etc. Seafood stew more of a soup with
clams. Mostly cloudy today - so wedding will be a bit chilly.
Friday, Aug. 20, 2010: Wedding rehearsal at Sandtrap McMenamin's in
Gearhart - windy, some wispy clouds, area behind hotel only space not
a golf course. Lovely double staircase for bridal party to descend.
weather tomorrow iffy but hopefully it won't rain. so exquisite to be
at the ocean, so fun to be with Autumn, my daughter.
Tonight, by chance, we went to a comedy in Cannon Beach - a
ridiculous, funny spoof...ate dinner at a little place next to the
theater...and stopped to look at Haystack Rock in the dark. Wedding
is tomorrow afternoon.
Saturday, Aug. 14, 2010: Prepared for our multiple wedding weekend -
each of us has 2 weddings plus Ana Villarqui has 1 - before taking
off for the coast for 5 days - so when we return, everything is
prepared!!! My daughter and I will be going back to the northern
coast for 2 days, then I drive to Hood River. Yehudah's 2 are in town.
Same with Ana's. The remodel continues - decisions, decisions,
decisions. Cherry cabinets! Yay! Looks like the flooring will also
be coming up....scary! Anyway, gotta go! Have a great weekend!
Tuesday, Aug 10: More bookings coming in for 2011. And fitting a
few more weddings into this very busy 2010 season.
Aug. 10, Tues: Yehudah and I biked the 36 mile, 10 bridge, Bridge
Pedal Ride Sunday - plus about 4 miles to and from our house!!! We
started out from the house 6:30 a.m. and I passed the finish line by
10:45 a.m. So awesome - biking on Freeways, over wide expanses of
bridges, from the Sellwood to the St. Johns. People partying on the
tops of the bridges. Taiko drumming on the Freeway! I was pretty
sore that evening but recovery was swift. Definitely a must do for
next year! Come join us!
August 7, 2010: Wedding at Northstar Ballroom, NE Killingsworth,
Ptld: Exquisite, tearful bride; handsome, composed groom - community
involvement in honoring the directions, verbalizing community
support; handfasting with colored ribbons; personal ring vows.
Yehudah and Joanie co-officiated. Plus a great dinner!
Friday, Aug 6: 2011 interviews beginning. rehearsal this eve & local
wedding at Northstar Ballroom on NE Killingsworth tomorrow. We can
bike there in our duds!
Solar: we are producing way more than we are using! Yay! Quiet day
on the remodel front - out to look at glass, tile, etc. Blessings!
Aug. 4,2010: Two wedding interviews today - one for soon, one in a
year. Our solar electricity turned on today and we are feeding the
grid! plus tomorrow the kitchen gets demolished in prep for
remodel....lots happening!