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Saturday, Aug. 27, 2011: Yehudah Winter performed a Mexican-American wedding today at a ranch in Mulino today while Ana Villarqui performed a Spanish bi-lingual wedding at Governor Hotel - a lovely blending of Spanish & English.
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Friday, Aug. 19, 2011: 2 weddings this weekend and one wedding rehearsal at our house. Mine is a wedding full of poetry and readings, gathered by the bride; Yehudah's is very family-centered; many people placing flowers for deceased relatives during the processional; focus on prayers and blessings for them as parents of a young child; the first at a private garden residence, the second at a park.
Thursday, Aug. 11, 2011: Picture a bridal canopy (chuppah) hand-sewn by the groom's mom with a spiral of petals in front surrounded by three concentric circles of white chairs, full to the brimming with expectant guests. Then a long field of grass lined on both sides by stately fruit trees. The bridal party appears down a staircase hidden by bushes. One of the most beautiful women and her handsome father walk the long walk down to the center to meet her beaming groom. The coach and horses, the mice transforming into servants, etc. just hidden in the mist. Just a half hour north of Portland, a family estate. And now the couple are off to their honeymoon in Croatia.
Wed, Aug. 10, 2011: 4 very different weddings last weekend, each one with its challenges: one the bride's Israeli brother and family went to wrong address, showed up halfway through the wedding; second one just very small things: like cutting through a pocket that didn't have an opening; third one was challenging input from family during rehearsal and the week before - they all came through at the wedding; and, fourth, 3-4 yr. old ring bearer ran down the aisle without his pillow and wedding organizer couldn't convince 5 yr old flower girl to also carry ring - so I walked back to grab the pillow and the flower girl's hand. Small or large imperfections happen in every wedding. It's just the attitude of the people there that counts to include the flaw. Joanie
Monday, Aug. 1, 2011: Domaine Margelle in Scotts Mills: idyllic vista, huge tree as wedding ceremony site, parents and sibs create aisle through which bride and groom walk, handing bride flowers for her bouquet. African storyteller relays tale of a girl who didn't laugh and how her suitor wins her hand by his earnest clumsiness and her need to come to his aid plus the current groom's ability to make a special tea blend. And his bride coming to his aid. And the food from The Lamb's Table - so fabulous, served family style, sitting outside. And the fun dance music�.And the sunset! Wow!