Th, 4/28/11: Preparing for Canvas Art Bar wedding this weekend,
focused on community sharing stories and advice as candle and bowl
for stones circulate from table to table. Plus Ana is marrying a
young Hispanic couple.
Wed, 4/27/11: Having a dance session with a couple wanting to learn
swing for their wedding - plus they are doing a dance processional!
finally combining both my talents - writing and dancing! anyone else
need a dance lesson for their wedding? plus on the side I am selling
bamboo! large plants and poles.
Mon. 4/25/11: Wedding this weekend at Canvas Art Bar. Unique, story-
focused wedding at an artsy venue this weekend. And Ana has a small
hispanic wedding as well!
Happy May Day!
Sun. April 24, 2011: Happy Easter! On Good Friday the congregants
of P'nai Or, Portland, attended the Good Friday Passion Play service
of the congregants of St Marks Presbyterian Church. Members of both
congregations had attended a monthly, six month class entitled "Roots
and Branches" taught by Rabbi David Zaslow, focused on the roots of
Christianity in Judaism and looking at the historical Rabbi Joshua
(Jesus). Rabbi Zaslow and Pastor Campbell got together and rewrote
the text of the Passion Play based on this historical view of the
crucifixion. The hour-long revised Passion Play - including
references to Jesus as Rabbi joshua, to the thousands of Jews
crucified during that time period by the Romans and to those few Jews
who chose to collude with the Roman occupiers of Jerusalem ("puppets
of the Romans") was deeply moving for all those present, Christians
and Jews, in the context of the darkest day of remembrance by
Christians. Is such revisionist thinking happening elsewhere on the
planet? Blessings to Pastor Barbara Campbell for her bravery, depth
and inclusion.
Friday, 4/22/11: From the daughter of the couple who renewed their
vows for their Diamond Wedding Anniversary (she talks to her parents
every night):"We all talk every night during our good night call
about how wonderful the celebration was and how perfectly you
(Joanie) performed the important role you had in making it the most
special day any of us could imagine." Sweet! Anyone else out there
want to renew their wedding vows?
Thurs 4/21/11: Young Eastern European couple eloped yesterday
evening at 10 pm in our living room. Lovely couple were just so happy
to be married! Sent them a lovely photo album today via e-mail.
Wed. 4/13/11: Planning on connecting to a 24 hr. Global Water Dance
to highlight issues around clean drinking water and place-specific
water issues June 25th at 5 pm. The Portland dance will be led by
Mettler-trained Doug Victor. University of the Redlands, Aleph
Kallah 2011 event will be led by Joanie Levine. You can set one up in
your locale. See: There's music and a
score on the site. Exciting!
Tues, 4/12/11: On Friday, Yehudah will be blessing the Cauneq - a
Barge owned by 16 Yupik village organizations and 2 Yupik regional
organizations in Western Alaska, built by Vigor Industrial Shipyard,
located on Swan Island, Portland. We will travel to the Shipyard and
dine on the Willamette Star. And they advertised on Eventective for a
minister for this barge blessing! I have been researching Yupik, the
Barge and all - plus it's my birthday on Friday - so, what a way to
celebrate a 62nd birthday! Joanie
4/10/11: Ana Villarqui performed an Hispanic wedding today, including
a shells and sand blessing ceremony - nice innovation by the couple
on a way of including all their guests in the ceremony. Yesterday
evening we watched "Altiplano" - a deeply mystical, political movie
that takes place in both the Andes and France. Well worth seeing.
Sunday, 4/3/11: Cross-country skiing today at Teacup - amazing fresh
snow, sunshine, warmth - ah, spring skiing!
4/2/11: Mali: art workshop trip to Mali plus desert music festival
plans in the making; Pruned away dead stuff in the garden with
intermittent spring showers!