Tues, Sept. 28, 2010: writing first draft for 10/10/10 wedding.
couple called to push me along. painting kitchens and writing
ceremonies at odds, but I got it done tonight rather than putting
final (hopefully) coat of yellow on kitchen walls. And it's HOT!!!
2 weddings this coming weekend.
Sunday, Sept. 26, 2010: Kitchen remodel proceeding: painting is
becoming tedious but must go on. There will be lots of touch-up.
Meanwhile, two weddings to prepare for next weekend, 3 2011 weddings
to get started; and one new 2010 wedding in November. Lots to do!
Friday Sept. 24, 2010: Last weekend's wedding: great indoor/outdoor
space for a small wedding (60 people): The Little Church on NE 23rd &
NE Sumner http://ping.fm/6MGPt; delicious, organic,
unique cuisine: Simpatica (tempured squash blossoms, stuffed eggplant
- yum!) www.simpaticacatering.com/; artistic, exceptional
photographer: Josh Seaman www.relicpro.com/
Friday, Sept. 17: Anna Halperin workshop at Reed College: Planetary
Healing Ritual. What a treat! And tomorrow a dance at her husband's
fountain - Lovejoy Fountain.
Plus a film perhaps Sat. eve. Very special. Late evening wedding
prep for rehearsal tomorrow morning at The Little Church on NE 23rd
and NE Sumner.
Sunday, Sept 12: Interfaith wedding at World Forestry Center fifteen
hours from now. A post-Rosh Hashanah wedding: auspicious time to get
married! Yehudah officiates. My first easy weekend in months! And
an interview this morning for a bi-lingual ceremony - Spanish/English
- for Ana Villarqui, our associate, for 2011 in Eugene.
Tues, Sept. 7: Cornered by an Italian fellow, married to a Jewish
girl, who strongly wants to convert, feels a deep affinity with
Judaism. He says: "I'm afraid I will go to Hell if I convert." I
tell him that Jews are God-wrestlers, that everyone is afraid of
something and that this is his wrestling match.
Tues. Sept 7: Danced the week before with one of the Christian crowd
at an interfaith wedding reception. Good moves of his own, I, the
Jewish officiant, upped the ante with twirls and bends. Exhausted,
he was finished, but shouted: "I'm converting!" Sat down next to a
woman in his golf group, who said: "He will hear about this for years
to come!"
Tues, Sept. 7: Crown Ballroom: bordello-style drapery, lighting and
art - fun atmosphere, dance floor on stage.
Tues, Sept. 7: Lovely wedding in Laurelhurst Park: Jewish, German
combo. Goethe poem in German and English. Seven Wedding Blessings in
Hebrew with 7 contemporary blessings read by the wedding party.
Chuppah with large red floral balls hanging in the front carried in
the procession. Traditional Christian vows and breaking the glass.
Interfaith at its best!
Tues., Sept. 7: Finally sending out backlog of final copies of
ceremonies on "antique laid paper" with requests for on-line reviews!
While our new reclaimed, oak hardwood floor is being laid in the