Dicey weather....We have two weddings this weekend, Friday and
Saturday. A rehearsal on Friday. So much rain! But hopefully this
weekend will be just lovely - clear, bright, sunshine. Let's all
pray for sunshine! What else? People are now beginning to plan fall
and winter weddings - so, another flurry of inquiries. Blessings to
all you out there who are getting married! Joanie
I have several weddings for couples who are already married. One is still a
secret; the others the immediate family knows. So I looked online for a
Wedding Keepsake Certificate and really couldn't find any which included
witnesses signing, until I looked at the website of an organization of which
I am a member and found just the right certificate!
Hope the rain stops by next Friday! We have a Friday wedding, Friday
rehearsal and Saturday wedding - all outside.
Our family wedding was very successful! We all incorporated numerous
Russian customs - During the reception the bride and groom bit into a
large loaf of bread - whichever bit the bigger piece was announced as
the "boss" of the couple. The groom definitely had a larger mouth
than the bride in this particular couple. Oh well. Another Russian
tradition we executed was for everyone to yell out the word
"Gor'ko" (bitter) so the bride and groom kissed a long time. During
the ceremony we spoke about Russian wedding rings. They wear them on
the opposite hand. Wearing them our style in Russia means that the
person is divorced or widowed.
Curious! The bride was dressed like a fairytale bride - so
exquisite, so lovely.