Friday, July 30, 2010: Surge of new wedding interviews. For in a
week, for 10/10/10, a wedding for Ana Villarqui to perform Aug. 21,
for 2011. Wedding inquiry from a sister helping an out-of-town
sister. And the dance processional video from Aurelia and Gary's
Mexican American wedding is now on utube. will post that soon!
Three couples coming for wedding interviews this week. The one today
booked on the spot. Two more to go.
15 minute Timberline wedding on Sunday: on time, elegant bride and
groom, sans music, simple entrance with parents, lovely reading
choices, humor, a 2-line personal vow then reading same set of vows,
voila: married! Magnificent weather and food!
Midnight e-mail conversation about language for father giving away
the bride. Here's what we came up with:
Who presents BRIDE and supports her decision to (re)commit to her
marriage with GROOM? Father and Mother: We do
Who receives BRIDE? Groom: I do.
Wildwood Recreation Site - Welches, Oregon, the amphitheatre. Bring
some extra chairs and this is a divine site for a wedding. Tucked
among trees, right near the river.
We married a couple there on Saturday. Good, natural acoustics. A
gem of a spot for those who love the outdoors and want a low cost
Wildwood Recreation Site - Welches, Oregon, the amphitheatre. Bring
some extra chairs and this is a divine site for a wedding. Tucked
among trees, right near the river.
We married a couple there on Saturday. Good, natural acoustics. A
gem of a spot for those who love the outdoors and want a low cost
Interview today for a beach wedding in August. Plus several more
fall wedding inquiries. Saturday a couple is getting married at the
Wildwood Recreation Site in Welches, Oregon, then having their
reception at Resort at the Mountain - less expensive alternative to
doing the whole shebang at the resort. Life is good!
Ezra LeBank's play, "Resurrection Day" - riveting, brilliant plus
"Going Postal" - zany, kid-friendly, comedy tonight, Friday and
Saturday at Conduit, 918 SW Yamhill - $8/students; $12/general
public. Kids 7 plus will love "Going Postal". Bike parking outside.
Spread the word and bring a friend!
Wedding inquiries for the fall are now coming in. Couple marrying at
The Little Church on NE Sumner & NE23rd will be marrying Sept 18th.
10/10/10 - 2 wedding inquiries for interfaith weddings. Amazing how
many people are getting married!
We send each couple a final copy of their ceremony, with any changes
made right before and even during the ceremony, amended, on Antique
Laid Paper, plus we ask for help with reviews and receiving photos
for our website and Facebook pages. I caught up last night with
sending these out. To date, we have officiated at 16 ceremonies this
year, with 15 in process and several more interviews pending. It is
so gratifying to interact with people at this important step in their
Limousine arrival by bridal party, Mariachi Band, dancing
processional, lasso, gold coins, kneeling pillows, Unity Candle, sand
ceremony in pink, burgundy and white, German prayer to honor the
Groom's heritage - this Mexican-American had it all. Fabulous decor
job by the family of the bride in what moments before was a simple
Grange Hall in Vancouver. Reception was in the cool basement room.
Blessings to the bride and groom - off to Guadalajara for their
The Timberline wedding yesterday evening was just so lovely. There's
still snow right up to the building and a slight wind was blowing.
Considering the heat of the city this was so refreshing. Sand
ceremony with sands of different colors from different locations was
very special, with parents coming up during the ceremony to place
their stones, hug and kiss. And, of course, the Crows Nest is such a
venue, Mt. Hood looming close through the window. Today's the
Mexican wedding....
Picture a wedding procession including 39 people - 2 moms to light
the candles, 4 madrinas (women) to carry the ceremonial objects; 6
groomsmen and 6 bridesmaids; groom; 2 ringbearers; 7 flower girls;
bride followed by 10 Mariachi me. To boot, everyone
will be dancing down the aisle (except the band). This was the
wedding rehearsal I conducted this evening for a Mexican/American
wedding in Vancouver, Washington. The wedding is on Saturday.
I am thinking of making the beach wedding into a mother-daughter
getaway at the coast. We shall see if it materializes.
Have a rehearsal tomorrow evening for a Mexican-American wedding,
complete with a 10 piece Mariachi band! Not at the rehearsal, but at
the wedding. The bride asked me to wear a Mexican Sombrero! I do
have a Mexican dress bought in Oaxaca and maybe Yehudah will wear the
Gotta an inquiry today from a woman who has already gotten the
marriage license with her fiance, and has decided to "surprise" him
by just planning a date to a spot and then having it all set up to be
married - just an officiant and two witnesses. It so happens that
the place she wants to get married is within walking distance of our
house - pretty simple and easy! Definitely easier than going by
metro to the Washington County Jail! Since that one I am realizing
that driving even 1 1/2 hrs. to the coast isn't so challenging, since
it took me that long to get to Hillsboro via public transportation.
I am rambling on about another wedding inquiry for a beach wedding in
The groom was roundly roasted by an old friend...the bride's sister
put together a powerpoint presentation of photos of the two of them
with words, sentiments and all....and they took it all in with great
humor and enjoyment....another shared the 10 best things about the
couple....and the bride's friends has rare stories about their
What a site at the rehearsal yesterday! Nine guys with beer bottles
in hand, after a river rafting, wine tasting day, seeing the seven
bridesmaids arrive in a golf cart for the wedding rehearsal. Who
were they to be hooked up with to walk down the aisle? The two
tallest guys graciously walked down the aisle arm in arm. Bride
dealt with the delicate subject of how to walk down the aisle with
her estranged parents - trying out all the alternatives. And I
suffered hay fever from grass newly cut on all those golf lawns....
Wedding this evening at Resort at the Mountain in Welches, Oregon.
Excellent wedding location - Mountain vistas beyond, great food,
excellent management of wedding party and details. Becca, one of the
wedding organizers at the resort, was superb in managing the large
wedding party, all the last minute details. And great food.
And 1 hr. from Portland very near the Salmon River.
Well, I thought this was going to be simple - drive to the Washington
County Jail, meet with these folks for 15 minutes, drive home. Not
so. Our car is at Brian's being fixed. So, the Max! Takes 1 1/2
hrs. to get to the end of the line in Hillsboro, home of the
Washington County Jail. And then the same to get to Brian's to pick
up the car. Tired now. The bride and groom are married. That was
15 minutes. Hopefully, making this commitment will help the groom to
change his life patterns of drug use that leads to illegal behavior.
That's what he has promised. I am happy to have been part of what
hopefully is a transformative action. We are up the mountain for a
wedding in Welches this weekend! Everyone enjoy the long weekend!