Nov. 30th: Wedding 38 December 19th! Officiant cancelled on this
couple, getting married at Oaks Pioneer Church! Only 2 more to 40.
Also, an inquiry about blessing three children. Interesting. And
composed a Zen ceremony for a couple getting married at the Chinese
Garden in Portland.
Nov. 29, 2010: Back from Seattle: fabulous Picasso exhibit at
Seattle Art Museum and interesting (fabulous for kids!) Harry Potter
exhibit at Seattle Science Center. Happy interim before Chanukah
starts (this Wed.!) and Christmas begins (three weeks)! Getting back
on Google Maps and working on wedding website are priorities this
month. So, gathering pictures from 2010 weddings. Any good photos
out there?
Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2010: Today my inner wisdom told me: "Everyday do
something to promote Your Personal Ceremony even though the season is
down." So I followed up on an e-mail saying that someone I married
couldn't post a review on Google Maps. I put in link and, sure
enough, no access. We have been dumped from Google Maps. I searched
for a way to communicate and it is a maze. I posted a question.
Will see if that helps. Anyone out there know how to navigate the maze?
Monday, Nov. 22, 2010: Quiet on the wedding front; still busy
painting - now, the basement stairs and into the basement.
Discovered another storage space underneath the stairs not being
utilitzed. Painted the small door and will put on a handle. Art
going up in kitchen. Final coat on hardwood floor. Facilitated
Restorative Justice and Listening Council session at our monthly
Compassionate Listening Group. Everyone was excited with the model.
11/15/2010: Tonight reviewing a Mexican/American wedding ceremony
for 2011. The groom's grandfather wrote a love poem for the wedding,
which he will read in Spanish and the groom's mother will read in
English! They are incorporating the coins and lasso, with unity
candle and wine blessing. Ceremony is at a vineyard, with three wine
barrels as the altar space.
11/11/10: Checking in with folks marrying 2011 who interviewed us
but never got back. One couple in process of interviewing other
officiants. Lots of people to choose from. And then those couples
who postponed their wedding last year because of health or
economics. Plus a possible December marriage on the woman's
birthday. And we finally have knobs and pulls on our kitchen
11/9/10: Oaks Pioneer Church Wedding: rain held off until wedding
done and group picture on front steps accomplished! Couple wore
rings on their wrists, attached by ribbon. Wrote joint vows, back
and forth; bride promised groom he could get a cat! Groom promised
to listen to her music selections. And both cried. Very sweet.
Thursday, 11/4/10: Glorious weather, terrible political news,
another 2011 wedding booked (at Chinese Gardens) and a wedding this
weekend at Oaks Pioneer Church on Sellwood. Planting onions, favas,
more tulips and daffodils. Good night!