Sat. 10/30/10: Probably a whole lot of people are getting married on
Halloween tomorrow, wouldn't you think? We didn't score a wedding
for Halloween this year. In fact, I have never officiated at a
Halloween wedding. Anybody out there ever attended such a wedding?
Perhaps some year this opportunity will come to pass!
Friday, 10/29/10: 9 Reviews on "Wedding Wire"! So lovely to hear
how grateful couples are for the quality of their ceremony and our
interactions with them. Very heart-warming. And I think that the
two "4.7s" were actually just blips - wrong touches of fingers. Just sent
out first drafts and material to our 5 already-booked 2011 wedding
10/24/10: Sand colors: purple, blue, red, green - bride, groom,
groom's 11 & 12 yr. old sons - mix sands together into a large, glass
mason jar; boys take out their pocket watches and announce the
finishing time for pouring the sand, marking the start of their new
family. Brings tears to several on-looking male family members. So
perfect a ritual for this "new family". At Edgefield, McMenamin's in
Troutdale. Also: composed grandmas reading "words of advice" - quite
the speakers!
10/21/10: Sending out Final Ceremony copies on fine paper to 2010
couples with requests for reviews on Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and
several wedding websites.
Focusing on finishing up 2010 weddings and sending out start material
for 2011, with three current weddings to go!
10/19/10: Wedding this weekend at Edgefield, McMenamin's, focuses on
past (advice from grandmas), present (vows, rings) and future (sand
ceremony including groom's boys). In the upstairs ballroom. Fall
colors. On the home front: repainting cabinet doors after they were
planed; touch-up, finishing up odds and ends: still need to choose
countertops, backsplashes, handles for new cupboards.
10/14/10: 3 more weddings: Oct. 23 at Edgefield, McMenamins; Nov 6
at Oaks Pioneer Church; third one in December. Up to 38 weddings for
2011! Two more weddings to book in 2011 to get to 40 weddings
total. Anyone want to elope in our living room? Kitchen remodel 3/4
the way there. We have a hot water dispenser, filtered water at the
sink and from the frig, pull out sprayer, dishwasher, undermount
lighting, new floor; almost all the kitchen stuff is back in
cupboards. Got to: repaint old cabinet doors, pick out countertops
and backsplash.
10/10/10: Gorge Crest Vineyards
events.htm: magnificent setting in Underwood, Washington. Heavy rains
for the rehearsal on Sat.; wedding inside on Sunday with large garage-
type door open to the clear vista of magnificent clouds and peeking
sunshine - could have been outside but a bit chilly. Drinks,
however, outside on the patio. Outstanding food: Celilo Caterers,
Hood River
10/7/10: outdoor wedding 10/10/10 in Underwood, Washington at Gorge
Crest Vineyards: 30% chance of rain. We shall see! Meanwhile, 2011
wedding bookings continue, several for in the spring. Lucinda
Child's "Dance" this evening at Newmark; remounting of signature
masterwork from 1979: Philip Glass music and Sol LeWitt's photography
- film of original production in black and white juxtaposed on a
mathematical grid with current dancers in white - quite compelling.
AND the cabinets arrived today! Plus we have a functional sink!
almost there....
Sunday, Oct. 3, 2010: Two weddings: Hotel Monaco and Abernethy
Center: both weddings had great wedding organizers - Holly Jarvis of
Hitched Weddings and Events - - had two associates working with her and was
truly on top of all the details. The crew at Abernethy Center were
all working hard to move the wedding along. My only beef with both
was that the music DJs were not on top of the recessional music. The
recessional music should be on a clip with the kiss - kiss, applause,
music. And good volume. Where was the guy at the Hotel Monaco
wedding? The couple just started down the aisle without the
music..... At Abernethy the volume was off - not loud enough for such
a wide open space.
Next is the 10/10/10 wedding on Washington side at a winery. More
Friday, Oct. 1, 2010: Rehearsals Day: Traveled 90 minutes by bus to
the Abernathy Center in Oregon City, then an hour back into town to
Hotel Monaco. A first - I got the time wrong for the Abernathy
rehearsal - unbelievable as I traveled so long - but the groom saw me
as they were leaving and they came back to find me. So we had a mini-
rehearsal, just the ceremonial pieces, on the spot. So, I was very
early to the second rehearsal, although the meeting spot had
changed. It was just that sort of day. And painting: up to the
doors and portals into the kitchen: two doors, two portals.