Tues, 5/17/11: "Monger" by Barak Marshall....Final White Bird dance
performance of the season....curiously, Marshall is son of my former
Yemenite dance teacher, Margalit Ovid. Strong commentary on class,
work, relationships.
Mon. 5/16/11: Swing Dance Lessons for First Dance: Guy really
improved from first lesson 2 weeks ago! Today we developed a whole
series of dance moves - quite the choreography. They just are really
cooperating and into it. And possible Cannon Beach Wedding June 7th.
Chanting, listening, elopement, dance lessons
Sun. May 15: Chanting weekend; compassionate listening group; new
elopement interview on Monday; swing dance lesson for wedding couple
as well.
Mon. 5/9/11 "Shehechiyanu, v'kiymanu, v'higiyanu lazman haZeh: Oh
Mystery, Grace unfolding, Oh Miracle, it's You alone,/Oh Mystery,
Grace Unfolding, Oh Miracle, Who brings us Home."
Sun, 5/8/11: We attended an amazing Jewish chant retreat with Rabbi
Shefa Gold at Stillmeadow Retreat Center in Estacada. Exquisite
chanting, sauna, excellent food, community closeness, focus on
mothering and mother's day.
Friday 5/6/11: Jail wedding postponed; elopement inquiry; looking at
swing first dance videos on UTube - some pretty fabulous dancers out
there; attending weekend chant retreat at Stillmeadow Retreat Center
in Estacada, led by Rabbi Shefa Gold
Mon. 5/2/11: Charleston/Swing dance lessons for couple today in
preparation for their processional and first dance....and the groom
got it! Plus Sunday wedding at Canvas Art Bar: canvases set up with
paint for guests to contribute to artwork for couple's home; and
first ceremony I have officiated in which couple said nothing, just
listened. They sat on a couch, listening to all their friends and
relatives tell stories and give advice; exchanged rings to the poem
"Love" by Roy Croft read by me. And such a fabulous sunshine day in